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Wastewater Treatment Services

Wastewater Engineering Group's experience in water and wastewater treatment includes planning, evaluation, design, construction, inspection, operation and troubleshooting for the complete range of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment requirements. We are good at both conventional and advanced water and wastewater treatment processes.


Various technologies used in waste water treatment applications include:

Physical and Chemical Treatment

  • Solids removal by bar screens & fine screens
  • Sedimentation
  • Clarification
  • Oil and grease removal by grease separators, skimmers or dissolved air flotation (DAF)
  • filtrations by sand, media or
  • MF (micro-filtration) and UF (ultra-filtration) membrane filtrations

  • centrifugation
  • precipitation
  • flocculation and coagulation
  • ion exchange

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Biological treatment of waste water and (domestic) sewage water is used to degrade the organic load of soluted organic compounds. There are two main catagories:

  • aerobic treatment
  • anaerobic treatment

If categorized in terms of the unit operations, biological wastewater treatment processes include:

The table blow shows the major types of biological processes used in wastewater treatment plants

Biological Process Growth Configuration Feeding Pattern Redox Conditions Remarks
Anaerobic digistion (AD) Suspended growth Continous or
Anaerobic filter (AF) Fixed film Continuous Anaerobic  
Activated sludge process (ASP) Suspended growth Continuous Aerobic (Anoxic) (Anaerobic) CAS
Biological aerated filters (BAF) Fixed film Continuous Aerobic  
Rotating biological contactor (RBC) Fixed film Continuous Aerobic  
Sequencing batch reactor (SBR) Suspended growth Batch Aerobic (Anoxic)  
Trickling filter (TF) Fixed film Continuous Aerobic  
Unflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) Suspended growth Continuous Anaerobic  
Membrane bireactor (MBR) Suspended growth Continuous Aerobic (Anoxic)  
Moving bed biofilm reacotr (MBBR) Suspended growth and Attached film growth Batch Aerobic (Anoxic) derived from CAS


Residual Treatment

  • anaerboic sludge digesters
  • sludge thickening treatment / stabilization
  • filter press
  • sand drying bed or other sludge drying
  • dry sludge incineration

Effluent Polishing/ FurtherTreatment

  • disinfection by chlorination, UV (ultra-violet) or ozonation
  • activated carbon adsorbsion

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